New Promo: Talla 2XLC & Saccoman – Distant Planet

Back in 1998 Saccoman co-produced with Mauro Picotto the outstanding track Distant Planet on BXR & ZYX. Now in 2023 on Technoclub Retro, the label founder Talla 2XLC co-produces with Saccoman the brand new rework of Distant Planet packed and serviced for the new generation of trancers. Talla 2XLC has phenomenal success on beatport by being consistently in the top 10 of the highest selling trance artists. This noteworthy fact showcases his ability to read what his crowd demands on the dancefloor.

The 2023 version of Distant Planet stays close to the original track with tougher driving energetic basslines, pounding drums and  sharp kicks to create the killer foundation that recalls in a way the tough BXR tech trance sound. Hints from the well-known riffs from the original are added expertly to the mix to build anticipation and offer a preview of what is coming soon. His breakdown is long, teasing, atmospheric and thrilling with spacey sci-fi melodies making you feel like a dancing astronaut in far distant planet for sure.

Variety of epic synths are added in its cinematic soundscapes until the massive well known anthemic melody comes to the surface to bring endless amounts of goosebumps. It’s one of those subliminal melodies in trance history that may sound simple but they are so infectious and quickly absorbed in your subconscious.  The track finishes off truly uplifting in its euphoric section with the unforgettable and catchy melody at the forefront. The highly praised Distant Earth is back once again on Technoclub Retro reworked perfectly by Talla 2XLC and the original artist Saccoman.