New Promo: Talla 2XLC & Junk Project feat. Saloni – Chaiyya Chaiyya

Talla 2XLC collaborates with the incredible Junk Project aka Andreas  Kraemer & SLT on That’s Trance after their very successful Pull. The vocals delivered from the incredible Saloni who adds her brilliant Indian vibes to the explosive mix as she performs the beloved Indian hit Chaiyya Chaiyya. Powerful unstoppable thumping techno kicks, fat stomping wobbly  basslines, trancy travelling synths and manic acid layers leading on the emotional breakdown.

Warm strings and touching melancholic chords are merged to deliver the stunning result. The vocal sounds so perfect in place and the result will blow the speakers particularly when the banging beats return for the ultimate climax that is dark, moody but still colorful and ready to explode. For those who don’t feel the vocals there is an instrumental version included in the package that is out now on That’s Trance. Bollywood Trance for sure by the safe and trusted hands of Talla 2XLC & Junk Project feat. Saloni – Chaiyya Chaiyya on That’s Trance.

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