New Promo: Talla 2XLC & DJ Robyn – Endorphene Express

Technoclub Retro reintroduce the trance family to the beloved German trance classic Endorphene Express released by DJ Robyn on the legendary record label Deep Blue recordings back in 1999. Now Talla 2XLC presents his own remake of the magnificent trance anthem with the very distinctive and hair raising melody. The fantastic new version adopts the classic uplifting trance sound with driving basslines, pulsating grooves and groovy kick with hints of the old school German trance sound to create the perfect foundation to slowly absorb the listener to its magical sonic environment. The breakdown is atmospheric as it slowly reveals the suspenseful addictive melody in small doses along with the classic male spoken vocal sample.

When finally the gargantuan melody is presented in its entirety the beats strike back for the ultimate anthemic hands in the air climax that will uplift you straight away without any delays just pure euphoria for your brain and reenergized body muscles. With influences from the Ibiza club trance sound that was huge back in 1999 worldwide this new version is perfectly remodeled for 2022 and will bring back memories to older retro parties attendees and will introduce it to the younger generations who will attend trance festivals in 2023. Endorphene Express is back thanks to the experienced ears of Talla 2XLC and is out now on Technoclub Retro.