New Promo: Szigeti Juli – Wild & Groovy (Electro Swing Thing Album 004)

After Szigeti Juli have successfully released a variety of singles like “Don’t Stop” and “Feel So Happy”, they’re finally dropping their debut album that has been highly anticipated by their audience.

“Wild and Groovy” is, as the name suggests, an exciting musical journey spanning from the roaring 20s till today, picking up on different and distinct grooves and sounds on the way. It takes you to the past and brings you to the future, gives you a little peek into the modern clubbing scene, and finally leads you to an old-school and smoky bar with a magical atmosphere that makes your toes tap.

Szigeti Juli had the pleasure of collaborating with several, well-established musicians and producers such as Wolfgang Lohr, Atom Smith, and Will Vargas, all critically acclaimed in each of their fields. Their intention was to create a body of art that is a “treat for those who love music and great energy and are not afraid of trying something new.” The result is an exciting mix of styles and themes that promises to keep you swinging.

Get it wild and groovy now!

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