New Promo: Stage of Theed – EP – “The Wall” and “Mirror of Regret”

“The Wall” is a synth-pop journey brought to life by producer and vocalist Nando. This release features two introspective tracks: “The Wall” and “Mirror of Regret,” both exploring the depths of the human mind and emotions.

“The Wall” is a thoughtful piece that delves into the concept of mental barriers and the search for freedom. With its engaging synth melodies and Nando’s expressive vocals, the track invites listeners to confront the walls we build within our minds. It’s a call to find one’s guiding light in the labyrinth of thoughts, offering both reflection and hope.

“Mirror of Regret” complements “The Wall” by continuing the theme of introspection. The song reflects on the impact of past decisions and the struggle with regret. Its haunting melodies and poignant lyrics paint a vivid picture of the internal battles one faces when haunted by the past. Nando’s emotive performance enhances the reflective mood, urging listeners to contemplate their own experiences with regret and lost dreams.

Together, these two tracks showcase Nando’s talent in crafting songs that not only entertain but also provoke deep thought and emotional response. “The Wall” and “Mirror of Regret” form a narrative that resonates with listeners, making an addition to the synth-pop genre.





Stage of Theed – The Wall / Mirror of Regret
Written, Composed, Produced, and Performed by Fernando Carlos Mancilla Pantoja (Nando)
Released under Stage of Theed (SoT)