New Promo: “SAHARA” releases next remix – Sweater Weather (Future Rave Edit)

After “Hotline Bling”, SAHARA releases another classic – rethought. One of the most successful songs of all time “Sweater Weather” has already been remixed many times. However, the duo found few edits convincing. After a few attempts, it quickly became clear that the future rave sound would suit the vibes of the vocals very well. This is how the SAHARA Future Rave Edit of the all-time classic was created.

It is a track that picks up on the basic mood of the original, but changes the melancholy into danceable and catchy future rave vibes so that the remix is danceable and suitable for festivals. Just in time for the start of spring.

“Sweater Weather” is available as a radio edit on Spotify and all other streaming platforms as well as an extended mix for DJs.


“SAHARA” was formed in Munich in 2020 and consists of the two DJs Sascha Heip and This.Is.Rapha. They focus on energetic productions of electronic music mostly combining forward-moving beats with catchy melodies in EDM, Tech House and related genres.



Label: SAHARA Music Recordings