New Promo: Mark ‘Oh – Let This Party Never End (Flash160 Rave Mix)

Flash160’s Hyper-Techno Remix: The Return of the 2003 Rave Hit!

Mark ‘Oh’s legendary track “Let This Party Never End” is experiencing a powerful revival in the brand-new Hyper-Techno version by Flash160. This up-and-coming artist is taking the music scene by storm and is committed to driving the current techno trend forward. Flash160 impresses with an innovative approach and a knack for blending retro elements with modern sound.

His remix of “Let This Party Never End” combines the rave spirit of the 2000s with contemporary techno, injecting fresh energy into the scene.
Keep your ears open and get ready, because Flash160 is bringing a new wave of excitement to the rave world.
Get ready for high-energy beats and unmatched vibes!