New Promo: Ramon Ramonito & Raf Marchesini – La Trompeta Electronica

We are particularly happy to announce the release on New Music Group of the Italian DJs/Producers Raf Marchesini & Ramon Ramonito who for the occasion created “LA TROMPETA  ELECTRONICA”, an engaging Tech-House track with a Latin flavor with a trumpet riff and an absolutely female vocal hypnotic sounds which, combined with a fast-paced rhythm with an “Old School” flavour, open the doors to the summer season in clubs on the radio and in DJs’ summer playlists!

Raf Marchesini was born as a DJ around the 90s and soon became recognized as one of the best Italian DJs/Producers with productions and remixes of artists such as Hard-in-Tango,Carolina Marquez,Tony Di Bart, Alexandra Stan and many others; Ramon Ramonito has a long career as a DJ since the 90s and as a Producer since 2010. He is well known as a resident DJ of the most important nightclubs in the Italian North-East and in the last year  he began collaborating with Raf Marchesini.