New Promo: POOK x Rednex – Cotton Eye Jojo

POOK made his name in the global music ghost production scene and has already worked with some of the biggest stars in the world: Akon, The Weeknd, Dj Khaled, Diplo, Dj Snake, J Balvin, Jay-z, Beyonce, Arcangel, Maitre Gims, Eminem and many more. Big chance you already heard the music.

Due to the nature of the global music scene and positions of power, POOK decided to break the trap where artists are being held back from fruition.

The Record ”Taj” released on Spinnin’ Records reached critical mass and exploded as a mega hit in Asia. The song was initially stolen and released, but this matter settled shortly after. Due to this POOK was forced to start his promotional campaign from scratch.

POOK is a mysterious character and brand born on the blockchain and brought to maturity in the real world. A badboy yet sweet when he can be. Does things most wouldn’t dare. Love’s technology and philosophy. A modern Robin Hood, take’s from the capable and gives to the needy and fans.

👻 POOK is cool, happy & funny (but not too funny), truly a character everyone can love.