New Promo: Para X – Meridian

One of the hottest properties in the trance scene right now is the well-established Para-X from Frankfurt. With quality singles on ZYX Trance including Dragonfire, Cold Shadows and the Untamed plus his collaborations with Talla 2XLC for Schatten 2021 and Free 2021 version. His latest ZYX Trance offering is called Meridian and as the name suggests it has the balearic summer touch to recall our finest summer festival moments.

The production is high class as you can expect from Para X with ultra-bouncy basslines, super duper slamming kicks and on top wide variety of nice melodies, spacey effects, warm piano chords and female voices to create that hypnotic trancy state of mind. The breakdown straight away reveals the gigantic synthy hook that is larger than life leading to its crescendo part that will be impossible not to start jumping and trancing around. Para X knows extremely well his trade and his productions shine eternally so Meridian will please and bring happiness straight away out now on ZYX Trance.