New Promo: NEODYM – „Manifesto (veni, vidi, vici)“

NEODYM “Manifesto (veni, vidi, vici)“ – personal manifesto against the war

“I’m praying for peace and silence, screaming against war and violence.” This strong statement is both the chorus and the key message of NEODYM’s brand new single “Manifesto (veni, vidi, vici)”.

Patricia Neodym not only manages to transport this message, or rather this manifesto, in an interesting way in terms of text and through her unmistakable voice, but also to skilfully weave two or three genres together musically. The song starts out groovy, but reduced, with slightly soulful 80’s Pop elements, then dares to jump into the saxophone-dominated “Bar Jazz” and then breaks out in the best “Lady Gaga-style” with pompous basses and retro-modern beats. The song slows down in phases and leaves room for saxophone fill-ins, but keeps the tension constant in its diversity. Oh yes, and Caesar is also quoted: “I incorporated “veni, vidi, vici” into this song to give the clear message that art is invincible and that as an artist you can also achieve a small, but important victory with your work via artistic freedom and conviction,” explains NEODYM.

The track could be mainstream, but it isn’t, as the artist (thankfully) follows her own vision: “Manifesto is definitely very individual, but doing something just to please the majority isn’t my style. I do it out of passion for a selected audience.”, says NEODYM about her new single.

Challenging topics are not strange to NEODYM. The singer and composer, who was born in Poland and lives in Germany, sings about the meaning of existence, planetary interactions, interpersonal relationships and much more. She incorporates her views and messages into unique Electro songs.

With “Manifesto (veni, vidi, vici)” she has once again created a piece of contemporary art that not only has entertainment value, but also added value and makes you want to hear her upcoming solo album.

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