New Promo: NEODYM – „CRIMINAL MINDS“ – danceable protest song

Patricia Neodym aka NEODYM is back with her new single “CRIMINAL MINDS”. The song is varied and catchy, but still has “positive rough edges” that contribute to its uniqueness. The synths have a light 80’s touch and perfectly frame the unmistakable voice of NEODYM in melodies and energetic tapestries of sound, which will take you into galaxies of magnetic interactions.

The song was created in collaboration with the Polish producer Bartosz Szczęsny, who is otherwise known from the duo Rebeka. “CRIMINAL MINDS” not only impresses with its fine tuned production, tension and simultaneous danceability, but also addresses a serious topic: “The song is my personal protest against legal violence,” says Patricia Neodym. “It is my reflection and realization of how powerless a single individual is against the rulings and decisions of the court.”

NEODYM is no stranger to serious issues. The Polish-born, Germany-based singer and composer sings about the meaning of existence, planetary interactions, human relationships and more. She manages to process important messages, food for thought and ideals into creative and catchy electro songs. With “CRIMINAL MINDS” she has again created a fusion of feelings and contemporary art that will give her enormous attention by critics and fans and which is also a strong precursor of her upcoming solo album.

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