New Promo: MP GREY FT. RUDIGER Game Of Life

MP GREY FT. RUDIGER “Game Of Life“ – play it right!

Life is complex and sometimes like a game of chess…

These profound thoughts underlie MP Grey’s new single “Game Of Life”. The German producer once again releases a fantastically produced and emotionally catchy song that deals with the serious issues of life. Inner and outer battles, conquests and the protection of one’s own kingdom. MP Grey works skillfully with chess metaphors that can be applied to the lives of each individual. Compete, finish first, get the prize while ruthlessly passing others to leave them behind. Competitive practices that have not just been around today, but have been used for hundreds of years. Above this is the wish that the “thirst for conquest” may dy up fort he benefit of a communal togetherness.

Musically, the track, which can be placed between Pop, Rock and Soul, is playful, namely in ¾ time, which gives it a certain mysticism and uniqueness at the same time.

MP Grey, aka Martin Polle, once again worked with his congenial musical partner, the exceptional singer Rudiger from LA, who refined the track with his smoky voice that will give you goosebumps. Rudiger also worked on the vocals of this track, as he did on the debut LP “Merged Time” and various singles.

MP Grey’s songs have already garnered a lot of praise and recognition from critics and fans on both sides of the big pond, with well over 500k streams on Spotify, speaking for themselves.

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Vocals: Rudiger (LA)
Drums: Alex Höffken (Berlin)
Bass & Guitars: Markus Vollmer (Mannheim)


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