New Promo: Glasi – Country Side Of Life

Glasi “Country Side Of Life” – humorous homage to country life!

With “Country Side Of Life” Glasi releases his latest smasher. The song has an emotional and at the same time dynamic, catchy structure. The vocals are modern and warm, the synths and beats deliberately chosen to be a bit retro, with a touch of Erasure and Venga Boys.

“The lyrics came about as a result of my father and I working together,” says the DJ and producer from near Stuttgart. “I grew up in a very small village in Swabia/Germany and at some point there had to be a song about the many inconveniences associated with life in the country. In the place where I grew up, there is still no mobile phone reception, the bus only stops 3 times a day and you won’t find any shops. That’s why the song is supposed to describe a serious problem in Germany in a funny way.” That’s why the song got a shot of country in addition to its electronic guise. If you want to assign the song to a genre, “Country Side Of Life” would certainly be classified under Country-EDM.

The song contains less of the “rough edges” one is used to from Glasi’s numerous releases in the last year and a half, but it is still special and unique and suitable for the mainstream.

By the way: Glasi’s release “Age of 27 (Klaas Remix)”, which was released in April, has already generated more than 298.800 streams on Spotify alone in less than a week. His streaming numbers in general also speak for themselves and form a constantly growing fan base of the DJ and producer.

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