NEW PROMO: MP GREY FT. RUDIGER – A Fire Burns In My Heart (Remix)

MP GREY FT. RUDIGER ‘A Fire Burns In My Heart (Remix)‘ – Energetic declaration of love

A few years ago MP Grey wrote a musical declaration of love for a very special woman in his life: ‘A Fire Burns In My Heart‘. The song was romantic, emotional and was recorded solely with traditional instruments. However, MP Grey was wondering what the song would sound like nowadays and unceremoniously produced a remix with the talented producer duo Dibs & Ryan Harvey from Los Angeles.

The result is a version that has taken on new influences, hits the zeitgeist, but at the same time, has retained its sensitivity and intensity. Even if the version is more energetic and danceable, the message is the same as with the original song: love is the strongest and most precious feeling that two people can feel for each other!

Some of the instruments, such as drums or saxophone, were taken over from the original and, with the new instrumentation, form a homogeneous blend, which makes the joie de vivre in the remix stand out even more.

With this release, MP Grey, aka Martin Polle, has once again proven his instinct for the right music and the right people. Also on this multi-faceted and varied track, the smoky vocals of LA-homebased singer Rudiger impress.

Rudiger works regularly with the German producer and has, among other things, sung and co-wrote the vocals for MP Grey’s debut LP ‘Merged Time‘, which was released by Blossöm Records from LA. The album has already earned MP Grey great respect by critics on both sides of ‘the big pond‘.

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