New Promo: Mario Beck – Without You

Immerse yourself in the world of “Without You,” the latest single by Mario Beck characterized by breathtakingly delicate female vocals. The voice seamlessly weaves through an ensemble of violins, a guitar, a sitar, an oboe, and an infectious beat. Together, they create a melody that touches the heart and sends emotions on a journey.

The second version, “Without You (Braa Club Mix),” cranks up the energy to a new level. With an explosive start and a furious end at an impressive 160 bpm, it takes you on an electronic rollercoaster. In between, however, unfolds the soulful core of the song, with a leisurely 110 bpm, where the tender vocals and intricate instrumentation provide space for emotional depth.

The Club Mix is a fusion of ecstasy and intimacy, a musical journey that lets you dance through the night. “Without You” is not just a song – it’s a passionate narrative that moves between genres and captures the magic of the moment.

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