New Promo: Laura Heily – Could Be Paradise

Could Be Paradise

„I don´t have time, I don´t have enough money, I was born in the wrong country, to live my dream!”, at least that´s what we constantly tell ourselves. “Could be paradise” talks about our daily excuses and negative self-talks that restrict us and prevent us from living the lives we want to. Blaming others or circumstances often is easier than taking responsiblity and changing the way of viewing things. “It could be paradise” if we can manage to see things differently, because living our dreams and following the heart is just one desicion away! So let it be paradise.

Laura Heily impresses with a clear vision on stage: pop music with strong content, emotional experiences and energetic arrangements. In her songs she uncompromisingly combines passionate lyrics with a powerful voice that brings every line to life. The newcomer masters the game between feeling and power perfectly in her stories and compositions. It gives the audience an intense experience in a charming way. Laura Heily discovers her artistic personality, goes her way purposefully and leaves a unique impression on the audience.

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