New Promo: KEI CAR – Separate


“Separate” by KEI CAR is a vintage-infused indie rock-pop gem. With its melodic and mellow guitar riffs, emotional hooks, and compact grooves, the song has a unique charm. It’s the perfect addition to playlists like “Indie Brandneu” and “Chilled Indie”. KEI CAR is one of Germany’s fastest-rising indie-funk acts, experiencing rapid growth and recognition.

The release of “Separate” will be accompanied by an engaging music video and supported by social media campaigns on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Additionally, KEI CAR will be performing at multiple festivals to further strengthen their presence.

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KEI CAR absorb the influences of the pulsating metropolis Berlin and create a sound that swings back and forth between psychedelic textures and raw funkiness, to ultimately be nothing but irresistibly catchy pop. KEI CAR are four guys from all over the city who share a long-standing friendship and a passion for songs that transport you to another time and place in an instant. Powerful indie tunes and energetic live performances make them one of the top emerging acts of 2023.