New Promo: Jakeska – Q-Zey – Swotex – Summer

The new song “Summer of my Life” celebrates the carefree atmosphere of summer. With its catchy melodies and lyrics about the beauty of the season, it allows us to dream of the sound of waves and seagulls singing at the beach. A perfect soundtrack for warm days and balmy nights.

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Miguel Ben Ammou formed the project Swotex in 2020. Initially, he created remixes before producing his own original songs as a German artist. So far, he has amassed over 3 million views in the global streaming sphere. He has already collaborated with prominent artists such as Empyre One, Nippandab, and DBN. Some of the labels he has released under include Future House Cloud, Global Airbeatz (Zooland Records), LoudKult, and Chapter Eight.

Ufuk Cusundas launched his project “Q-Zey” in 2022. In his younger years, he played the keyboard in bands, but he now realizes his passion for EDM through his project. In addition to his own productions, he has collaborated with other artists like Swotex and Jakeska, and he has also covered the successful 90s hit “Six Days.” The renowned label “Global Airbeatz” will soon release the next track by Q-Zey in collaboration with Swotex.

Emerging singer Jakeska is a talented and versatile musician who has made a name for herself with her unique blend of dance, pop, and rock. With her powerful voice and energetic stage presence, Jakeska captivates her audience. Her songs have been praised by critics and fans alike! Jakeska is not only a gifted singer but also a talented songwriter who draws inspiration from personal experiences for her lyrics. Her music covers themes of love, zest for life, and hope, appealing to a wide audience. Jakeska has been singing in live bands since her school days and has performed all over Germany. Her passion for music has driven her to create something of her own. In collaboration with Q-Zey and the label Abiba Records, she has already achieved success with the song “I Love You.”