New Promo: Hardy Becker – Feliz Navidad

Hardy Becker „Feliz Navidad“ – new version of a modern classic

The trees have lost their leaves, the temperature is dropping and soon the first snow is just around the corner, Christmas is on its way! Soon the Christmas markets will smell like mulled wine, cookies and spices again. And what shouldn’t be missing? Exactly, the Christmas hymns!

Hardy Becker worked on a modern Christmas classic as his new single: Feliz Navidad. The Spanish Christmas carol was born in 1970 and was written by Puerto Rican singer and guitarist José Feliciano, who says he wrote it in five minutes.

The DJ and producer from Aachen/Germany put his own unmistakable stamp on the song while retaining the sing-along character. Instead of Latin rhythms, there are modern House beats, fills and subtle piano sounds. While the original is more impulsive, Hardy Becker’s version is more chilled and soulful, which is particularly emphasized by the vocals and gives it an absolutely contemporary touch. The song belongs in its new version in every radio and on every playlist!

Hardy Becker has been a DJ since 2010 and made his debut as a producer in 2018 with the single “Everyday” via lickin’ records. In 2021 he got a lot of attention with the song “Get Back To Love”, which was streamed over 125,000 times via Spotify alone, but also the follow-ups were and are streamed very well. Hardy will be able to reach many new listeners with the catchy classic “Feliz Navidad”.

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