New Promo: FABIO VEGA – DESTINY 2022

Fabio Vega is not a Newbie within electronic music business. Roundabout 15 years ago he had several successful releases – his tracks „No Way Out“ an „Destiny“ have been played all around the world.

Fabio never turned his back on eletronic music, his passion for uplifting tunes full of energy never went away – it was part of his private life. But he gave up composing and producing due to the fact that his professional life took many time and energy and he no longer felt the drive to work on his own stuff.

Just sitting down and enjoying other peoples energetic tunes without thinking about the background of producing and touring. That was his source of positive energy. In 2020 – with the beginning of Corona crisis and working in home office, he started to dive into an old hard-disc backup from 2010. Inspired by some old unfinished melodies and sketches he he decided to work again on some own uplifting tracks.

Some oft he melodies and parts oft he tracks still have been in his mind (and on the old hard disc) for more than 15 years. Now, 15 years after his last commercial release and after ups and downs in his life, he finished some new stuff. Full of energy, full of power – but with a deep message. The first track is called „Destiny 2022“ and will be released on 30/06/2022.