NEW PROMO: EDM Lovers X Boysco & Cocinero For The Music

EDM Lovers X Boysco & Cocinero „For The Music“ – powerful production for the club!

EDM Lovers‘ second release is ready to make you move – this time they are presenting a bombastic and strong club track, that pushes right in the middle of EDM, Tech- and Deep House. The track is a cooperation with Boysco & Cocinero, who also just love this kind of powerful music. Please give this track a big shout and most important: add this new and exciting artist team to your upcoming sets. Many more powerful productions promised!

EDM LOVERS is a newly born music project of the two longtime DJs and producers Axel Breckmann and Adrian Koch from Germany, whose passion for powerful Club Music and Techno found a new stream of creativity. With EDM Lovers, they promise to bring you exciting new and sometimes off-the-main floor tracks for and extra portion of beats and bass in your DJ set.



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