New Promo: Dj Samuel Kimkò – NUCLEAR FIND YOU

Dj Samuel Kimkò ” NUCLEAR FIND YOU “

DJ Samuel Kimkò  is one of the most well-known Italian DJs / producers internationally, with over 35 million views/streams on YouTube and Spotify!  Specializing in the Latin Dance genre, he has conquered the top places in charts especially for this genre, with songs such as “La Zumbera”, “Toca Loca”, “Mi vida”, ” Para Ti”, to name just a few. He returns now, almost a year later, leaving the Latin Dance genre behind him for a while, to give life to an incredible new single “NUCLEAR FIND YOU”!

In this new production Samuel Kimkò revives 2 classic songs of the ’90’s “Progressive Dream” sound; these are, of course, the iconic songs “Nuclear Sun” by Roland Brant and “I Will Find You”  by Mohikana! Having obtained all the clearance and permissions for this new song “NUCLEAR FIND YOU”, Dj Samuel Kimkò has combined the two fundamental themes of both tracks in a completely new mood adding current Techno and Trance sounds which turn it into an absolutely explosive production,  suitable for clubs, DJ sets and dance festivals worldwide!

We are sure that not only big name DJs who know the tracks from back in the ’90s but also new, young DJs will approve and welcome “NUCLEAR FIND YOU”.

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