New Promo: Claas Inc. – Flug Auf Dem Glücksdrachen

Technoclub Retro brings back wonderful memories from the golden days of trance music with excellent releases so far. The impressive flow of energy continues with Claas Inc from Hamburg and his stunning recreation of the classic Flug Auf Dem Glücksdrachen that applies successfully the well-known melody from the cult German film The NeverEnding Story. Claas Inc is considered to be one of the most promising artists with releases on labels like Ablazing and Dean Beatz. His version is powerful and energetic to the max with hints of the well-known happy hard trance sound coming out from Hamburg. Bouncy beats, pounding kicks and driving basslines doing the business just perfect while the breakdown is long and atmospheric with that magical fantasy cinematic melody that always touches the listeners deep inside. The climax is banging and booming with that great melody giving you the impression of a dream flight at the back of your favorite dragon.  Technoclub Retro delivers the goods once again. Claas Inc. with his Flug Auf Dem Glücksdrachen is out now.

Titel der Bearbeitung: „Flug auf dem Glücksdrachen“
Original Titel: „Flug auf dem Glücksdrachen“
Musik: Klaus Doldinger
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