Woooshh! With explosive sound-fireworks CHRIS FLYKE, Germany’s FIRST NEON WAVE HERO breaks through the sound barriers of Music history: The German singer, Producer and DJ unites the most colorful sounds of the decades and make it sound contemporary! His new single DELOREAN OVERDRIVE sums it up: In what is probably the most famous car in pop culture, the spacey time machine from BACK TO THE FUTURE he brings the most dazzling vibes of the 80s-2000s and brings them back in the current sound!

But his style is more than just riding on all sides popular 80s wave, because there is an impressive motto behind it: “NEONYZE YOUR LIFE!” Since Chris is in often relieved of the constraints of society in his life he firmly believes that everything will be fine, if you follow your heart: Outing at 19, advancement from garage musician to fully booked event DJ with so far over 700 bookings and finally also the break with his job in the advertising industry: “Never let yourself in Forcing too tight patterns, go your own Path: BE DIFFERENT! … and LIGHT! ”

Chris calls this lifestyle NEONYZM and of course his genre arose from this motto – NEON WAVE! FUNK meets ELECTRONICA, POPTIMISM meets 80s DISCO!

And he has implemented this style impressively so far in 2020! His unique, sometimes exotic, music videos developed into an insider tip within a few months and reached a total of over 30 000 viewers within a very short time. From underwater videos to an elevator band gig, whether in the African desert or in a rainbow labyrinth: Chris Flyke keeps pulling out all the stops and impresses with his cheerful aura and razor-sharp, socially critical ones optimistic texts!

With his 3 “NEONbuddies” it is also a real pleasure LIVE: Jules, Kai and Björn are masters of funk! They’re also playing on the stages of ZOE WEES, THE LION KING, HURRICANE, DEICHBRAND, HAMBURG SINGT and much more.

DELOREAN OVERDRIVE is OUT NOW! In the fantastic video, Chris performs with his band in the virtual worlds of the 80s arcade games and lets his entire spectrum shine in POPtimism! THAT makes you want more and is a foretaste of the new Album, which should be released in autumn with and upcoming tour!

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