New Promo: Chip Wars – Don’t Come Undone

Chip Wars “Don’t Come Undone” – emotional Rock with an important message

With “Don’t Come Undone” Chip Wars release the first of their nine singles debut album and the track hits the mark straight away: catchy, emotional and versatile vocals, intoxicating guitars, a phat bass and energetic drums. Chip Wars deliver a professional high-end production which combines Garage Rock, Punk attitude and Prog Rock elements with commercial sound and awesome storytelling. The song builds up tension and falls into the void in the right places, only to pick up speed again afterwards. The band has its home base in Bamberg and Coburg/Germany, but they sound so unique and international that they could come from any metropolis in the world.

The song introduces Laurence, the protagonist, whose story will be told in the upcoming singles. This young man opposes a merciless society, shaped by inequality, subliminal racism and intolerance. The song was written by singer Shamkhal, who authentically has processed his own experiences in the fight against an unjust world, but also against himself. The band implements the story musically and lets us feel the rebellion. You can also hear Chip Wars‘ preference for bands, such as Pink Floyd, which can be heard in the song in subtle nuances.

Chip Wars was founded in 2018. Two years later the first single “Of Course” was released, in 2021 the singles “wannabefree” and “The Rooms” followed. The songs were streamed more than 100,000 times on Spotify.

“Don’t Come Undone” is absolutely suitable for radio and should not be missing on any Rock affine playlist. The song also gives a great perspective on future live shows. Rock on!

Shamkhal – Vocals
Kamil – Guitars
Henrik – Keyboards
Benni – Bass
Dome – Drums

Mixing & Mastering:
Alexander Drabold (tonewerk)

Streaming – Link: Chip Wars – Don’t Come Undone
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