Neue Promo: MP Grey (Feat. Andy Ohnhaus) – Wir 2

Wir haben Gipfel erklommen und Täler durchschritten. Auf unserem Weg durch die Zeiten verstehen wir uns blind….auch wenn wir eigene Wege gehen.

Vocals: Andy Ohnhaus (Berlin), Drums: Alex Höffken (Berlin), Bass & Guitars: Markus Vollmer (Mannheim), Mixing & Mastering: Nicolas Essig (LA).


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Hailing from Germany, Martin Polle, the producer, songwriter and mastermind behind MP Grey created an expanded catalogue of popular crossover hits over the last two years. Critically acclaimed internationally and in the states, his positive-minded and endearing messages are often told with featuring collaborator and Los Angeles singer Rudiger. ‘Merged Time’ the debut LP from MP Grey mixed and mastered by Nicolas Essig & Rob Murray, debuted earlier 2020 and a new single ’Your Smile (Remix)’ just released is available now on Blossöm Records.