NEW Promo: B.Infinite X DJ Combo X FR3SH TrX – Whip It 2K22

B.Infinite X DJ Combo X FR3SH TrX „Whip It 2K22“ – joined forces for a good mood!

Seeked & found: 2 producers, 1 DJ & producer, 3 musical visions. B.Infinite, DJ Combo and FR3SH TrX join forces to release ‘Whip It 2K22‘. The release contains a remix in two versions each of FR3SH TrX and DJ Combo as well as the original version of B.Infinite as a radio edit.

While FR3SH TrX chose to interpret the track in NU Disco style, DJ Combo created a classic EDM style version.

No matter what style, this collab of three always has one thing in common: a terrific track that immediately catches your attention and gets your legs moving. Let’s get ready to party!

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