Watch the Teaser: Boysco & Cocinero ‘Dance to ’21’


Boysco & Cocinero ‘Dance to ’21’ – festival-track & playlist-campaign

Actually, Dance to ’21 was planned as a festival song for summer ’20. The two German DJs & producers Boysco & Cocinero grew up with events such as the Love Parade and are still in love with the sound and feeling of this huge party. They transferred the attitude to their track ‘dance to ’21’.

This year the world is somehow upside down. But one thing has stayed the same: the music. It can do so much, it touches and motivates. And the best: it makes you dance, anytime and anywhere. And that’s exactly why the song is released for all home office DJs, for the open air floor and for your personal summer set.

Spotify playlist campaign

Boysco & Cocinero and KHB Music started the #danceto21 Spotify playlist. The playlist is an collaborative playlist to which everyone can add her or his current favourite club or festival track. Alternatively, your favorite song can be posted on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #danceto21. The tracks posted under this hashtag will be added to the playlist on a daily basis.

The aim is to create a gigantic playlist together, which represents the large variety of danceable club and festival sounds and shortens the waiting time to 2021, when everyone can hopefully party together again in clubs and at festivals. So: Participate and spread the word about it under the #danceto21!