Promo-Start: Boysco & Cocinero x Sven Kuhlmann – A New Generation

Is there something greater than summer being on its way? We’re not yet celebrating club opening parties, but sun is already sending her first doses of fresh dancing energy. The right track to dance outside is coming freshly produced from Boysco & Cocinero and their friend Sven Kuhlmann. “A New Generation” catches with a rich portion of melody and is of an overwhelming happiness. While the track is an ultimate dancefloor pusher, it still touches a sensitive topic: The unbelievable beauty of our home planet earth – and on the same side its impermanence.

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The question one may ask – without the need to end in a bad mood – is, how many new generations will be able to peacefully dance and party here. There’s an incredible number of great answers out there, we just need to watch out and pick some. The right music can deliver the starting energy.