New Promo: XEDM & FR3SH TrX – TAIPEH

XEDM & FR3SH TrX “TAIPEH” – musical appreciation of a city of contrasts!


XEDM and Fr3sh TrX are back with their second collab. German producer Sven Hessel a.k.a. FR3SH TrX has already released several successful collaborative works, e.g. with B.Infinite, DJ Combo, O’Neal and Tom Skobe. Also “I Can’t Believe It”, the debut of XEDM and Fr3sh TrX was a real success for the two.

“Taipei” is dedicated to the hometown of XEDM, a Taiwanese newcomer DJ & producer. Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, could not be more contradictory. On the one hand it is a modern metropolis with bustling shopping districts and night markets, dominated by the bamboo cane-like skyscraper Taipei 101, on the other hand it has streets from the Japanese colonial era and many temples. Taipei thus combines tradition and modernity. XEDM and Fr3sh TrX have skilfully captured the pulse and the apparent incompatibility of both sides of Taipei and musically reproduced the lifestyle of this city in all its facets. By the way, the voice sample was spoken in the Min Nan language, which is very common in Taiwan, another bonus point for this authentic and rousing Future Rave track.

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