New Promo: Ultra – Free (Talla 2XLC & Para X Remix)

The massive trance classic Free by Ultra was released back in 2000 on Time Unlimited and then licensed to many major companies in various continents around the globe and is highly regarded as one of the most influential records in the trance scene. Now is the turn of Talla 2XLC and his partner in crime Para X to rework it in the best possible fashion ready for the big uplifting trance sets released on Technoclub Retro. The new 2021 version respects the original version and builds around its main arrangement ideas. Techy groovy beats, playful percussion, bouncy basslines, thumping beats and great drive leads the track to the first breakdown that is ethereal enough with the main hair raising melody and the well-known spoken vocal sample. The beat strikes back with tech trance section that is hard and powerful until the second breakdown that allows vocal and melody to take the first role and lead to the final uplifting hands in the air section that will have serious and fatal results on the dancefloor! You will feel totally and utterly out of your head when this tune will be played out so be rest assured for the good times ahead with it!