New DJ-Duo „SAHARA“ from Munich, Germany, releases second single „LOCKDOWN“

The Coronavirus continues to dominate the news globally. In almost any region of our globe, there are ongoing lockdowns and curfews. The public life is completely shut down. Sometimes it would be nice to flee the current dull everyday life.  What better way to do that than with music. The new single „LOCKDOWN“, produced by the DJ-Duo „SAHARA“ from Munich, Germany, invites you to do exactly that. Don’t tune out but turn it up, is the motto in these times of crisis! The song is now available on Spotify and all known music streaming portals.


The Duo

SAHARA is a, in 2020 newly formed, DJ Duo project from Munich, Germany consisting of Sascha Heip and This.Is.Rapha. Due to their longtime passion for music of many different kinds, they now made it their mission, to combine different genres of electronic music. This approach can already be heard on their first EP “Forerunning Legacy”, which combines songs of the genres Electro, House/EDM, Hardstyle and PsyTrance. The focus of the duo however is always the harmonic combination of a strong drum set paired with melodic elements of different kinds.

“We love almost any kind of beat and don’t want to narrow ourselves in our approach, for now” says Sascha Heip.” “We would like to address a large number of fans of electronic music and present our creations to a broader public”, adds This.Is.Rapha.

They both met already in the BigBand of their school, one as drummer, the other one on the Saxophone. Since then, their passion to create and make music together always remained. They now used the moment and finally launched “SAHARA”. You can listen to their work, their EP “Forerunning Legacy” and second single “LOCKDOWN” on all known music streaming services. Further music is already in the making.

Both are available for interviews and musical request.
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Sascha Heip
DJ & Producer
Instruments: Drums & Percussions

This.Is.Rapha DJ & Producer Instruments: Keys & Sax