New Promo: S.E.X.Appeal – Sexy Lover

The dance-project S.E.X.APPEAL is known through their singer LYANE LEIGH who was front woman with the group E-ROTIC, with hits such as „MAX DON´T HAVE SEX WITH YOUR EX“, „FRED COME TO BED“, „SEX ON THE PHONE“ and „WILLY USE A BILLY BOY“ in the late 90ties. Their hits were given 13 gold and platinum records all over the world.


„Sexy Lover“ is already the second pre-release of the upcoming album „Black Widow“ together with the first single „Lose Control“. Both are a combination of strong beats paired with a catchy melody and the erotic warm vocals of Lyane Leigh. It is desired that the song is based on the sound of the 90s Eurodance, but in modern club-like style.