New Promo: O’Neal – Daydreamer

O‘ Neal „Daydreamer“ – live your dream!


After 2 collabs with FR3SH TrX and his first solo single “Over The Rainbow”, O’Neal presents his new single “Daydreamer” again via the KHB Music Label XWaveZ. The EDM track is loaded with positive energy and, not least because of its Pop song structure, invites you to listen, sing along and dance in equal measure. The song is perfect for the “summer after party” and will sweeten autumn for many via playlist, radio or club.

Bio: O’Neal’s real name is Thomas Brueggmann and he has been part of the music scene since 2011. He has already hit various places on and Music-Worx. He is also part of the “The North Works” project and known as a remixer, e.g. for Tosch, “der Kofler” and other acts. He is also active in the areas of mastering and audio engineering.

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