New Promo: One Man Sound – Welcome to my House

« Welcome to My House » is a pulsating and infectious Tech House track that invites you to step into the heart of the dance floor. The Preacher sermon inviting everyone to come together and let loose is the soul of the track.
As the track progresses, it’s as if you’re entering the church of house music where time and space dissolve, and all that remains is the pure, unadulterated joy of the music. ”
« Welcome to My House » is the kind of track that transcends genres and house music lovers of all backgrounds.
Whether you’re a seasoned clubber or a newcomer to the scene, this song welcomes you with open arms, inviting you to let go of your inhibitions and embrace the unifying power of the dance floor.
So, step inside, feel the beat, and let the music take you on an journey to the heart of the house music experience.

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Label : Royal Casino Records

The Artist : « ONE MAN SOUND »
Genre: Tec House / Nu disco

“One Man Sound” isn’t just a project; it’s a sonic journey that defies musical boundaries.

Founded in 2015 by the versatile multi-caps producer Pascal Hendrick, One Man Sound has rapidly captivated listeners worldwide with its innovative blend of Disco, house and sonic experimentation.

Pascal Hendrick, the mastermind behind the project, skillfully juggles an array of sounds, and cutting-edge technology to craft a sound that’s truly unique and mesmerizing.

“One Man Sound” has released several sounds and remixes including « Keep on », « Sexy beat », « Duro » and « I will survive » which appears on Hed Kandi Greatest hit 2023.

Join “One Man Sound” on his quest to push the boundaries of Disco and house music, and let yourself be carried away by his unique sonic universe.

For unforgettable moments, dive into the captivating world of “One Man Sound.”

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