NEW PROMO: MP Grey ft. Rudiger – Me & You

MP GREY FT. RUDIGER ‚Me & You‘ – Ready to rock!

With his new single ‘Me & You‘ MP Grey proves his musical diversity. Usually based in Funk & Soul, he proofs that he can also write and produce great Rock ballads. ‘Me & You‘ starts quietly with a serene piano and embarks on a constantly rising tension curve, which is discharged in a rousing guitar solo played by Markus Vollmer. The song has the right mix of emotionality and strength and presents itself as a musical thank you: “We have climbed high and crossed valleys. Throughout time we understand each other blindly! ” – lines that everyone understands and may fill with its own meaning.

MP Grey, alias Martin Polle, worked again with national and international thoroughbred musicians for ‘Me & You‘ and put together a team that skillfully and passionately implements his vision of a perfect Rock song.

Singer Rudiger from LA also proves that he not only has a soulful voice, but also can rock extremely well. He skilfully and diversely stages his trademark, the smoky voice. Rudiger works regularly with the German producer and also took over the vocals on the debut LP ‘Merged Time‘ which he co-wrote. With the album, MP Grey has already received great recognition from German and international critics.  ‘Me & You‘ is a catchy continuation of the successful collaboration which is released via Blossöm Records from LA.

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