NEW PROMO: MJ.Ro – Forgotton Spring

MJ.Ro, musician and recording studio owner, releases his new chillout lounge album “Forgotten Spring” – a complete self-production of chillout tracks with a relaxed, romantic and electronic flair. Enveloping sound with unusual instrumentation.

When he was 9 years old he got a guitar for Christmas and from then on his future was sealed. For many years he travelled the world and played his fingers to the bone. He made a living as a sound engineer and tour manager and was privileged to accompany great musicians like Sting, Prince, David Bowie and many others across Europe.

In the 80s during the origin of Chillout Lounge music, MJ.Ro lived on Ibiza and celebrated this live with numerous musicians. His music is inspired by travel impressions that changed his life, that freed him from judgement and made him follow only his feelings. Fascinated by the landscape and the beauty of the earth, but also the question of what is the project earth actually, eat and be eaten?

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