New Promo: Martin Whisper feat. Jacky – MIND CONTROL (a twisted game)

Martin Whisper’s new song looks behind the curtain of a hidden shadow world in which we, prisoners of our thoughts, carry out like robots what is continually hammered into our subconscious. Only those who see through the game and set out on their path with an open heart can free them selves, escaping the dark dungeons with their pure and truthful spirit.

Take your hands, together we will escape the darkness and meet again in a new world of light. Mind Control also features Martin Whisper again, supported by the great voice of singer Jacky, who has also appeared several times on the collaboration with Fernando Carlos Mancilla Pantoja (Stage of Theed). “Nando” is not only an excellent songwriter, singer and producer – he also has a
penchant for producing music videos, which is why he created the video for Mind Control.