When Lee Maxwell enters the room, you get the feeling that she is bringing the warmth from Italy! The fire of her southern roots is reflected in each of her movements – her laughter and her manners are sweet, free, wild and untamed at the same time!

After her energetic first debut single “Fuckin’ lovable” the native Italian is now releasing her second single “Black Roses”.  She shows a mellow and mystic side of hersef, which is quite surprising but instantly captivating at first “listen”.

Want to know what’s the meaning of “Black Roses”?

Take “all that glitters is not gold” and “I want to lay you down in a bed or roses” …Combine those two and you have my meaning of Black Roses…

Black Roses is a song of realization, liberation and resurrection…

With more songs waiting in line to be released, she is pouring her heart out in Black Roses for the cozy autumn season.