New Promo: Lars Taylor – Keep It Going

A true musical citizen of the world, Swiss born guitarist Lars Taylor brings a sensual, seductive beauty and fresh, sophisticated cosmopolitan spirit to contemporary urban jazz with his debut single “Sweet Onion” – which is currently rising on several key independent charts (Smooth Jazz Network, Radio Wave Monitor,

True to its title in many ways, the track has a soulful, deeply heartfelt acoustic guitar melody driven by a gently lilting groove, rich keyboard harmonies (also by Taylor) and an intricate production featuring an exotic soundscape and the occasional chirp of birds, whose cheery vibes add a colorful, uplifting texture.

Taylor, who spent part of his childhood in Brazil absorbing bossa nova, samba and the culture’s other popular styles, launches his smooth jazz career after playing for years in bands in Switzerland and Germany – ranging from the reggae/funk/rock of Nigerian singer Leon Adroni (and his group The Peacekeeper & The Purple Egg) to the German pop band Thalaya and legendary new wave group Futurologischer Congress.

Drawing from all these experiences and influences, Taylor creates a compelling vibe that, like a divine tasting “Sweet Onion,” features many intricate layers that will inspire much repeated listening. Look for Lars Taylor to become a major genre star in years to come!