New Promo: KID ALINA – Anything with Love (INCARMA-Remix)

Sometimes there are coincidences that are hard to believe. KID ALINA has over 2 million streams and clicks with your first 4 songs reached on the respective platforms.
Her current song “Anything with Love” has already been played over 500 times in many international radio stations and was / is also placed in relevant DJ charts.

INCARMA (currently at the top of all DJ charts with his hit “Runaway Train”) became aware of the current song by KID ALINA and schwupdiwup, here the INCARMA-REMIX …..
… how we think a totally innovative, further version …. A symbiosis that could hardly be better.

We look forward to receiving your feedback!!!

LABEL: Dance Town Records (LC: 09174)

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