The synthesizer wizard Kebu returns with a new single from third studio album – ”Urban Dreams”. Conceived during a time of lock-downs and people living in isolation in confined spaces, this instrumental album is exploring dreams – both those occurring during sleep and daydreams.
“Hope” is based on a personal experience with the power of dreams. During a difficult period when he was younger, the artist suffered from generalized anxiety disorder, which manifested itself by constant severe anxiety that also caused depression. Although life was no longer what it once had been, he was surprised to find that in his dreams he didn’t suffer from anxiety. The dreams showed him what life could be without anxiety and gave him hope to go on, and eventually helped him recover.

Kebu originally composed “Hope” for Roland’s product launch event at Abbey Road Studios, where he premiered it with a live performance. Similar to Kebu’s earlier releases, his upcoming album – including this track – will consist of a sound universe made only with analog synthesizers and analog drum machines. The synths used on “Hope” are also featured in the music video. In addition to the original version and a radio edit, the single also contains a sparser drum-less version of the song called the “Dream Version”.

It’s also available on other online stores and most digital music platforms: