The Dance project GYRLIE evolved from the basic need to bring sensual melodies to the dance floor.

The musical DNA of the two creative minds that hide behind the band’s name avor 90’s Euro-Dance rhythms as the backbone for their productions. Lydia Pockaj and Alwin Groll collected their merits working with genre icons such as E-ROTIC, Missing Heart, Apanachee and Bad Boys Blue.

With the catchy tune “I Feel Sun”, GYRLIE makes its successful debut in the summer of 2017, rounded out few months later by the bassy “I Feel Sun (REMIXES)” EP.
The mystic, yet danceable second single “Right Now” reminds of good old Euro-Dance times yet carries his own trademark thanks to its playfulness.
In May 2018 “Save Me”, the third and most rocking single of GYRLIE, is released. Paired with a cool dance-pop beat, “Save me” evokes spring fever on the dance floor and makes you wish for more.
With “Fantasy”, Gyrlie explores the whole spectrum of danceable rhythms and romantic feelings. The result is a song that beams the listener out of the cosy warmth right onto the energetic dance floor.

2019 cannot end without a GYRLIE release – „Tonight“ is the fifth single and not only incorporates romance and rhythm, but impresses by heart melting lyrics and the warm, yet powerful vocals.

More GYRLIE releases are expected for 2021 and the team is also working on the full Album. The release dates are not confirmed yet.