New Promo: Glasi – Sunny Beach, Or Mountain Hike

Glasi is back and releases a dynamic Dance/EDM track called ‘Sunny Beach, Or Mountain Hike‘. After the last singles contained more Pop and straightforwardness, the DJ and producer from around Stuttgart shows courage with his current track and refines this per se catchy tune with unexpected twists, corners and edges in best ‘Glasi style‘. ‘Sunny Beach, Or Mountain Hike‘ fits perfectly into the club scene for party people who like to be pleasantly surprised on the dance floor.

Lyrically, it’s about a problem that many know from their relationship: Where do we spend our holidays? The rough lyrics are again from Glasi’s father, but the duet is performed by
a female singer from Miami and a male singer from Los Angeles. While she is looking for fun on the sunny beach, he wants to enjoy the seclusion of the snow-capped mountains.

With ‘Sunny Beach, Or Mountain Hike‘ Glasi releases his eighth single this year and proves enormous creative output. With his debut single ‘Sweetest Tempations‘ he was able to reach over 400k listeners on various platforms within a few months, with the singles ‘Chasing Paradise‘, ‘Ridin‘, ‘Something Real‘, ‘Never Stop Believing‘, ‘Mary Jane‘ and ‘Where You Are‘ he also had tenthousands of plays. With these unique and well-produced tracks, he was able to consolidate his reputation in the international music scene.

And now get on the floor for ‘Sunny Beach, Or Mountain Hike‘!

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