NEW PROMO: Glasi – Mary Jane

Glasi Mary Jane – dance ‘n‘ dream!

‘Mary Jane’ is the new single from Glasi. The DJ and producer from near Stuttgart has created a blend of EDM, Big Room and Electro House, which, due to its 130 BPM, invites you to dance and dream. It unites dynamic and catchiness.

The track is harmonious, but at the same time varied. Glasi is always good for a surprise in his releases. He creates unexpected parts, reduces beats, or even lets them drop out completely, stylistic devices that make his songs unique.

The vocals vary between staccato phrasing and mega-catchy melody lines. A Pop nuance that‘ll give you goose bumps.

The title of the song was created during a conversation between Daniel Glasbrenner aka Glasi and his father, when they were listening to the beats and talking about possible lyrics. Also they wrote some lines, which found their way to the singer of the track, who incorporated them into the lyrics.

Glasi delivers an enormous amount of creative output. With his debut single ‘Sweetest Tempations’ he has already reached over 400k listeners on various platforms and with the singles ‘Chasing Paradise’, ‘Ridin’, ‘Something Real’ and ‘Never Stop Believing’, which he released at short intervals, he strengthened his standing in the music industry.


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