New Promo: Glasi – Don’t Tell Me It’s Over

Glasi “Don’t Tell Me It’s Over – let the energy flow!

The new single by Glasi has it all! “Don’t Tell Me It’s Over” races like an express train through the headphones or speakers from the first second. The track is absolutely energetic and immediately gets your head nodding and your feet moving, just right for the club main floor!

Lyrically, it’s about heartache topics, about which there are already many songs, but if we’re honest, we want to hear about them again and again, because we all know them. The lyrical concept is from Glasi’s father, which the DJ and producer from near Stuttgart then worked out together with the singer.

“Don’t Tell Me It’s Over” contains less of Glasi’s “rough edges”, his “signature gimmicks” have moved into the background in order to maintain the song’s flow and momentum.

Glasi’s previous release “Age of 27 (Klaas Remix)”, which was released on April 15th, has already generated more than 298,800 streams on Spotify alone in less than a week. This speaks for itself!

“Don’t Tell Me It’s Over” is already Glasi’s seventh single for 2022. With his extraordinary tracks, the DJ and producer has earned a good reputation in the music scene nationally and internationally and will continue to strengthen it.

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