NEW PROMO: FR3SH TrX & B.Infinite – Universe

FR3SH TrX & B.Infinite - Universe

FR3SH TrX and B.Infinite have joined forces and started a collab over two tracks. Each of the two German producers started working on a track and the other completed it.

With ‚Universe‘, single #2 of this fertile collaboration is being released. The club and radio suitable track is a crossover of Electro House, Heep House and has been refined with Trance elements. ‚Universe‘ has a strong topline and a unique, spacey sound design. It skillfully combines the skills and styles of both producers. They are so enthusiastic about the creative way of working that they have already announced follow-up projects.

B.Infinite has established himself as a NU disco specialist in recent years and has provided releases from the Future Pop genre, while FR3SH TrX with his two singles ‘Tonight in Los Angeles‘ and ‘It Burns Me‘, which fit between Pop and Future House, has conquered various mainstream radios and playlists..

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