New Promo: Florian Pfeifer – Chasing Freedom

Florian Pfeifer releases first solo single “Chasing Freedom” incl. video.

“Chasing Freedom” is a dynamic EDM song with calm verses and energetic, melodic drops. Since the beginning of the year, the new single is available on all major platforms. The matching visual stimulation to the rousing electronic sound is available in the form of a lyric video on Florian’s YouTube channel.

The content of “Chasing Freedom” is about closing a chapter in life and starting a new one – the urge to move forward, and to pursue dreams and goals. Florian wrote the song before the Corona pandemic, but it also fits perfectly with the current situation we all find ourselves in. 2020 showed us that our freedom cannot be taken for granted, and that each individual can do something to preserve and protect it.

In contrast to Florian’s two previous songs, which were created as a collaboration with a producer, he also wanted to design the instrumental side of the production according to his wishes for “Chasing Freedom”. After a long search for the right partner, he was finally able to create the right sound and mood with Jean Cuenot, a producer and composer from Paris.








Florian Pfeifer is a 26 years old singer & songwriter based in Stuttgart, Germany. After finding some initial success collaborating on 2 songs with upcoming producer kEll X, he is now releasing “Chasing Freedom”, his first single as a solo artist. In his music he likes to combine calm, laid back vibes of the usual singer songwriter style with energetic and dynamic drops of the various EDM genres.

“I love music that tells you a story and takes you on a journey, so that’s what I’m trying to achieve with my own. Most of the time I like to keep my lyrics simple and tend to not repeat them a hundred times in one song. The real challenge in my opinion is to say a lot, using only a few words.” Florian