NEW PROMO: DJ Sriqq – Quick Maths

In the third year (after a short Covid-break) we proudly present our 3nd IONIC Summer EP featuring three amazing productions: Mad-DJ-King SRIQQ returns to IONIC with his “Quick Maths”, while newcomer David Higgz delivers the catchiest Future House/Bounce with “Losing it”, and DJ BRDY gets you groovin’ with “I’m a Mess”!”

DJ Sriqq, the self-proclaimed king of madness, is Regensburg’s craziest DJ and producer. His style is characterized especially by his energetic Electro House / Hardstyle / Dubstep sets, always trying to play the craziest and hardest music possible! After releases on Groove Gold, IONIC Records and RUN DBN, he teamed up with beautiful and talented newcomer vocalist Aylin Seebauer, for his first vocal production on German Dance label 120dB Records. Say “hi” to the young and crazy artist who wore Facemasks before it was “cool”!